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History of the Company

The management of FURNITURE Uz Ltd Company expresses honors and would like to introduce our Company.


FURNITURE Uz Ltd Company has been found in 1991 in Tashkent city, Uzbekistan. Since 1991 the basic activity of our company was furniture production of various purposes. Starting from 2001 we have been working in area of prefabrication and modular buildings construction.


From 2001 - 2007, FURNITURE Uz Ltd Company took an active part in construction of American air base K-2 in Karshi city, Uzbekistan. We had constructed the Modular Central headquarters, Engineering objects (radio-shelters, MCC), dormitories for 1200 soldiers and officers, toilets, shower latrines, laundries, garages, big cold and dry storages, kitchens and bars, medical posts and other objects. Subsequently, our modules have shown reliability during demobilization to Bagram and Kandahar air bases.


In 2005, our company cooperated with the international organizations under the Export Control and Related Border Security (EXBS) Program and Border Management Program in Central Asia (BOMCA). By 2007, for these organizations we have constructed border posts on the borders: Tajikistan - Afghanistan, Uzbekistan – Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan - Russia.


From 2007 and till present time, our company actively has been cooperating with the oil-and-gas companies, such as: LUKOIL, PETRONAS, CNPC, CPECC, CPPB, Schlumberger, UZ-KOR GAZ Chemical.


In 2011, on August 24th for the Stone Laying ceremony for the commencement of Ustyurt GCC construction by our company has been produced modular camp in Akchalak settlement of Kungrad region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Since that time and till present time our company performed the following projects for DC «Directorate on construction of infrastructure facilities of Ustyurt GCC and development of Surgil field»:

  • In 2013 our company realized the project “Development of gas-condensate field Surgil. Oilfield camp. Production of modular buildings” on a turnkey basis;

  • In 2014 our company was performed the project “Development of solid domestic waste landfill for Ustyurt GCC ”;

  • In 2015 our company constructed the Modular Hotel for 30 persons in Akchalak settlement of Kungrad region of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Specialisation and clients of the Company

The major line of our furniture production is office furniture of modern design and high duty furniture specially intended for exploitation in field conditions.


For today, our constant customers are:



  • DC “Directorate UGCC”

  • PETRONAS Carigali Overseas Snd. Bhd.

  • UZ-KOR GAZ Chemical

  • Schlumberger Logelco Inc.


  • Daewoo Energy Central Asia


  • CPP - China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau



  • ITOCHU Corparation

  • Aral Sea Operating Company


  • Huawei Tech. Investment Tashkent LLC COMPANY

  • PVEP Central Asia

  • GTL Uzbekistan

  • Honeywell

  • Sasol Synfuels International (Pty) Ltd



We will be glad to cooperate with you.


Rojkov Evgeniy

Production Director


K2 airbase headquaters (Uzbekistan, Karshi city), 2004


CPECC field camp (Uzbekista, Gazli city), 2008


"SURGIL" Field Camp for 70 persons, 2014


Block-modular hotel for 30 persons in Ustyurt GCC settlement in Republic of Karakalpakstan, Kungrad region, Akchalak settlement, 2015


Stone Laying ceremony for the commencement of Ustyurt GCC, 2011

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